What are the Main Causes of a Roof Leak?

Is there anything worse than thinking you were tucked up safe and warm in your home watching highbrow TV like ‘I’m a Celebrity’ when you notice a puddle! Having no pets and a house full of successfully toilet trained adults it can mean only one thing…a leak!

Leaky roofs are a real problem for homeowners and unfortunately, they often go unnoticed until the rain is thrashing down and doing untold damage to your walls and property.

So, what are the main causes of a roof leak? We’ve put together a top 5 of the things to look at if raindrops keep falling on your head, even when you’re indoors!

1. Poor roof installation

The roof is your home’s first line of defence against rain, sun and wind. A poorly installed one can lead to leaks that cost you time and money in the long run as well as create potentially dangerous conditions for those living underneath it, like mould growth or unstable tiles which could fall on them at any moment.

Think about whether tiles are secured, and flashing is sealed!

2. Weather

The weather is always changing, and it can have a significant impact on your roof. The constant exposure to ice cold snow or rain will cause water build up which can lead to puddling during extreme conditions which gradually seeps through your roof! Other factors can cause issues too, like branches and debris being sent flying by high-speed winds and causing damage across different parts of roofs, or tiles being blown off.

3. Condensation in the Attic

The highest point in a home is often too warm, which leads to condensation. When this occurs the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor environments increases the humidity. This in turn creates water and mouldy surfaces forming! If you notice any strange odours coming from your attic, then we recommend calling someone who can fix what’s wrong fast before things get worse.

4. Age

When your roof gets old and tired, it’s time for a new one. But how do you know if yours needs replacing? The simple answer: every household should have their roofs inspected by professionals at least once per decade; otherwise, the risk of water damage will increase significantly! As they age our homes become more prone to leaks due not just from natural causes but also because small repairs can go wrong easily without proper care or maintenance over long periods.

5. Clogged Gutters

Have you ever noticed your gutters after a windy night? They’re full of leaves and other nasty debris. When that happens, it can all get clogged up which in turn means water can’t flow away from the roof as efficiently so it backs up and works its way into your property. You should keep an eye on your gutters, especially after windy weather.


Leaks unfortunately are going to happen but there are always professionals who can help, and a trusted roofer will get to the bottom of your problem and fix it, just be sure you don’t leave it too late. An unchecked leak can do huge amounts of damage to your house not just puddles!

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