HYTILE Gutter Pro


This tile trolley is the ultimate solution for moving tiles effortlessly along roof battens. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually loading out the roof! With this innovative trolley, you can load up to 50 tiles tiles and smoothly roll them along the battens, making the process a breeze. Roofing has never been this convenient!

Weight: 5 kg

Use a Hytile Gutter Pro with your ladder for a safe, professional, hassle-free job.

A sliding ladder can not only damage the guttering, it can send you tumbling to the ground, and on many occasions right into the casualty department of the nearest hospital. The Hytile “Gutter Pro” assists in preventing ladder movement and keeps your ladder from coming into contact with the guttering.

Using a broom handle, the Hytile “Gutter Pro” is easily placed into position. Its unique design transfers the weight of the ladder and the person back on to the fascia. Rubber grips wedge into the back of the gutter, helping to keep your Hytile “Gutter Pro” steady. Guards on either side prevent the ladder from sliding sideways – ensuring that on completion of your task, you and your guttering remain free from scratches and dents.



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