Reclaimed Tiles

We buy and sell quality reclaimed tiles that are ideal for listed buildings. We have a wide variety of reclaimed goods such as ridges, bonnets, valleys etc. to complete your roofing project.

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Reclaimed Clay Tiles​

We have in stock some great reclaimed clay tiles available for sale. With different curves, colours and nibs, there is a wide variety perfect for a quick fix on a listed or old building where you want to keep the rustic look of the building.

Reclaimed Ridge Tiles​

We have fantastic looking reclaimed ridge tiles for all of your roofing needs. We have half-round ridges, one-third ridges, castellated ridges and one with holes.

Reclaimed Bonnets​

We have some great bonnets in different materials and styles. We have them in both concrete and clay. And we also have some older bonnets for those looking to do a repair job on listed buildings.

Reclaimed Vented Ridge Tile​

We have some unique and funky ridge tiles that are great for ventilation for the roof. With different shapes and designs we are bound to have the vented ridge tile you need.

Reclaimed Redland Sandtoft Pantiles Mk 1 and 2​

We have some wonderful, reclaimed Redland Stonewold Mk 1 and 2 available here at Country Roofing Supplies. They are great pantiles that have plenty of character. You cannot go far wrong with these reclaimed pantiles.

Reclaimed Angled Ridge​

We have some marvellous angled ridge here at Country Roofing Supplies. These ridge tiles have some great definition as well as coming in a variety of colours and angles. For a great ridge you have to have the angled ridge.

Reclaimed Roll Top ridge​

Look at these fantastic roll top ridges we have in stock. A simple but elegant look to anyone’s roof. And because it is reclaimed it also adds a bit of character with every ridge tile you put on a roof.

Reclaimed Concrete Plain Tiles​

We stock a wide variety of reclaimed concrete plain tiles in both finish and colour. Whilst quantity varies on colour the tiles themselves are all usable and suitable for repair jobs or small extensions on existing concrete tile roofs.