Change the way you cut roof tiles with Hytile!

This is a message to all roofers; I want to talk about something you are all too familiar with…Dust!

Yep, we all know cutting tiles all day leaves you covered in dust and it’s not just a problem for your long-suffering washing machines. There is actually another far more serious by-product of working closely with the dust created from tile cutting, Silica Dust.

These potentially life-threatening particles can be found in the dust clouds which are kicked up from the cutting of roof tiles. Once this is breathed in the silica dust can become lodged in your lungs and over time cause serious problems which can affect your health, like hindering your body’s ability to maintain a healthy oxygen supply to the body.

So that ladies and gentlemen is the disease called Silicosis. It’s serious stuff…

And It’s also a very depressing way to start a blog. But don’t worry because there is a solution and it’s very simple – just don’t create any dust when you cut tiles! Now, I know what you’re thinking; “This is crazy, how on earth can we cut tiles without creating any dust?”


Drumroll please…


Enter the Hytile Tilecutter!

This incredible tool has been the mainstay for the cutting of roof tiles in Australia and New Zealand for over 40 years now and it’s the Number One choice due to its ability to eliminate dust.
 Here at Country Roofing Supplies, we’ve been raving about the Hytile Tilecutter for ages, and we are super privileged to be the exclusive UK supplier of this amazing product.
 So, how does it work?

The answer to that is very easily. By using the handle to repeatedly move along the cut line the tile cutter creates a groove that, when pressure is applied, the tile simply snaps apart neatly. The cuts can be made at any angle and skilled tile cutters have achieved results that stand up against the cuts made with a power tool, but best of all, there’s no potentially dangerous dust. In fact, any mess at all is captured neatly in a trimming tray which you can easily empty when you finish.

You’re probably wondering how heavy this incredible new kit is and how are you going to get it up on the roof? Well, that’s not an issue because this brilliant tool weighs in at just about 13 kilograms, meaning one person will have no problem carrying the Hytile from roof to roof.
There are so many benefits to this new roofing essential, like no need for protective measures or electrical supply, and you don’t have to wear ear plugs, meaning you can hear when everyone on the site is talking about how awesome you are to have such a cool tile cutting machine!
 The Hytile Tilecutter has changed the face of tile cutting in New Zealand and Australia so isn’t it time you experienced it? Drop in at Country Roofing Supplies in Henley-on-Thames to discover more and you could take on our Hytile Tool challenge!
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